Kurt Russell is Undying. Why? Cause he’s as Badass, That’s Why.

What’s better than a movie where Kurt Russell gets to play a tough guy who cracks wise while cracking heads and busting caps in asses? Not a whole damn lot. So yeah, Russell signing on to star in a new supernatural thriller called “Undying” has got me all kinds of curious. Originally called “Reaper” when it was sold as a spec script, the newly titled “Undying” is written by Gary Whitta, who would go on to pen “The Book of Eli”.

“Undying” will star Russell as a private investigator named Virgil Lone (awesome name, that), who gets pulled into a surreal underworld when he is hired by the mysterious Delia. Since this is a supernatural thriller, and there are “mysterious” women afoot, I’m suspecting demonic influences are at work.

The film is from Circle of Confusion and Media 8, and is scheduled to go into production as early as this Fall. Aside from Russell, “Undying” still needs a director and a cast.

Kurt Russell is so badass, he doesn't even mind sniffing women's feet in public.