Kylie Minogue is She-Ra on NBC. Pretty Much Everywhere on NBC.

Kylie Minogue as She-Ra

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think the idea of a She-Ra TV show is actually all that bad. Oh, who am I kidding. It’s a pretty awful idea. Probably just as awful as a Wonder Woman TV show, which I suspect is the whole point of this skit. (I’m still a little miff I didn’t get the chance to see Adrianne Palicki running around punching dudes. Man, I was so looking forward to that, too.)

Anyways, here’s a new Funny or Die skit that posits Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue as She-Ra, in a rebooted show on NBC. Like, on every single show of NBC. It’s funny because it’s true. (Kinda.)

The skit co-stars “Game of Thrones'” Alfie Allen, whose character’s storyline in “Thrones” is quickly becoming extremely unnecessary and every time I see it, I’m reminded that we could be spending all this time on another, better character instead of some guy getting tortured endlessly in a dungeon. Seriously, is this entertaining for anyone out there?

Anyhoo. Here’s She-Ra on NBC. Everywhere on NBC.