Missile Command: The Movie Moves Forward with Writers

Hey, they’re already making movies “based on” “Battleship” and a dozen other nonsensical boardgames, why not make a movie based on an ’80s arcade game, too? That game in question is none other than Atari’s “Missile Command”, which has been set up at 20th Century Fox to be developed into a feature-length movie.

Writers Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama, who last scripted a reboot of “Flash Gordon” and co-wrote “Dracula Year Zero” with director Alex Proyas, will take a crack at bringing the arcade game to life. What will they have to work with? Well, uh, in the game you sort of shot missiles up at a bunch of raining, uh, missiles thingies trying to destroy your “cities”. The original was a Cold War game, where I believe the foreign missiles were supposed to be, well, foreign, and you had to defend the homeland from them. That’s about it. As the levels progressed, the missiles came down faster and what not. Later, Atari re-developed the game to feature an alien invasion.

My guess is the movie will be sticking with the alien invasion route. That would pretty much be the only thing that makes sense. Since alien invasions are the “in” thing nowadays (Have you seen that new “Battle: Los Angeles” trailer? Daaaaaaaaaaamn.), it makes sense that Fox will want to jump into the pool, too. Hey, if you can’t beat’em, etc etc.