Lake Bell Wants to Play Wonder Woman, McG May Direct Pilot


A couple of “Wonder Woman” TV show news for ya today: the first, according to TVLine, has “Charlie’s Angels” director and “Supernatural” and “The Human Target” executive producer McG as the frontrunner to direct the pilot episode of “Wonder Woman”.

McG has a surprisingly impressive track record when it comes to TV, including the aforementioned two titles above, but also “Chuck” and the recent reboot of “Nikita”

Meanwhile, actress Lake Bell (who can currently be seen in the romcom “No Strings Attached”) has kick-started her campaign to play Diana Prince in David E. Kelley’s rebooted version of Wonder Woman.

The actress tells E! Online:

On my lists of things to do in my life—I mean, I campaign for it—is, I just want to play a superhero at some point. I got the guns! With superheroes you have to have this tickle of humor in there and you have to be a really great actor and also kick ass.

And I’m fine with kicking a guy’s ass. I’ll be honest, I think I’d make a great Wonder Woman. So if anyone out there is listening…

What do you think? Lake Bell? I have to admit, she’s certainly more buff than most of the actresses out there, and could probably even put on more muscle and still look feminine. In terms of credibility, she would certainly look more convincing kicking some guy’s ass than say, a skinny Eliza Dushku.

Author: Nix

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  • Manu

    In my country (France), Lake Bell isn’t very famous, but since I saw her in Surface, I’m absolutely convinced that she could be the best Wonder Woman !

    She’s a good actress, she’s very feminine but has also a part of masculinity which can be appropriate to play an amazon.

    She has beautiful and intelligent eyes, she’s athletic, and has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. I think she surely put the light on the person she smiles to….

    In fact, I just love Lake Bell, she’s fantastic ! Now we know that Adrianne Palicki has been chosen, and I have no problem with her, but Lake would have been my choice, and probably a better one.

    Manu (

    • Unreconstructedcracker

      My French brother, it’s a done deal already? I don’t know who the hell Adrianne Palicki is. I gotta go google her. Whoever she is i bet she’s not even a pimple on Lake Bell’s “chu”.