Lake Placid 2 (2007) Movie Review

The Sci-Fi original movie Lake Placid 2 has several things in common with the original Lake Placid. It has the same characters, with new names, at the same location trying to kill the same giant reptile. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as the similarities go. Lake Placid was written by television writer David E Kelley (Doogie Howser MD, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal) and was successful mostly because it contained memorable characters who blended together a surprisingly enjoyable mix of gore and laughter.

Lake Placid 2 was written by two television producers (Todd Hurvitz, producer for Punk’d, and Howie Miller, producer for Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane) who created a surprisingly nauseating blend of forgettable characters who only make you laugh because they don’t seem to be surprised at all that there are now four more giant crocodiles inhabiting the lake in Maine.

Lake Placid 2 (2007) Movie ReviewThe movie begins, just like the original, with a pair of men working in a boat. One man is mysteriously pulled from the boat while the other is reading a newspaper. He notices that his associate is no longer holding up his end of the conversation and puts his paper down just in time to see his friend surface on the lake… well, most of him. Holding up a bloody stump spraying red dye No. 5 about three feet into the air he screams and tries to climb back into the boat. The gentleman in the boat grabs onto his good arm just as a barely visible large shadow from the lake reveals a giant reptilian snout that quickly removes the rest of the body attached to said limb.

The story follows a boringly predictable arc with absolutely no surprises. The local sheriff (John Schneider) is notified and calls in the fish and wildlife representative (Sarah Lafleur). The sheriff’s son (Chad Collins) hooks up with a pretty local girl (Alicia Ziegler) and they head out with a group of wild teenagers who find a quiet spot on the lake where they can swim, bare their breasts and wait for the crocodiles to get hungry and start terrorizing them. Cue the rich hunter (Sam McMurray) who shows up with his faithful native hunting guide (Joe Holt) ready to bag the prehistoric reptile for his latest trophy carrying an arsenal, including a semi-automatic grenade launcher.

Lake Placid 2 (2007) Movie ReviewWhile all of the actors in this movie have clearly had better scripts to work with all of them seem to be just as tired and dead pan as their characters. Neither the dialogue nor their reactions seem appropriate for the drama that is unfolding around them. Even the music, though majestic and well recorded, almost appears to have been accidentally inserted into the wrong scenes. It’s possible to sum a great deal of the obviously hard work that went into the production of this movie with just a single word… unfortunate. Even Cloris Leachman playing the sister to Bette White’s hilarious foul mouthed old lady just appears to be reading from the script rather than trying to instill some life into such a clearly eccentric character.

It’s worth mentioning the funniest thing about this movie is the fact that everything, including the crocodile, seems to move so slowly when the crocodile is chasing them, even though they mention several times how fast it is. At least five times the main characters are able to swim to shore, while being chased by the giant croc, only to eventually trip and fall before being snapped up and dragged back into the lake. Luckily, this movie won’t be as difficult to outrun. Let’s just hope that they don’t produce any more offspring.

David Flores (director) / Todd Hurvitz, Howie Miller (screenplay)
CAST: John Schneider … Sheriff Riley
Sarah Lafleur … Emily
Sam McMurray … Struthers
Chad Collins … Scott Riley
Alicia Ziegler … Kerri
Joe Holt … Ahmad
Ian Reed Kesler … Thad

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