Lakeshore Entertainment Picks up The Sword

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At this point, it might be easier listing all the comic books currently in existence that hasn’t already been snapped up for a translation to the big screen. But hey, we’re living in a time when comic book movies are big deals, even ones that end up as “Bullet to the Head” (that was based on a comic book, too.)

The latest to get picked up is “The Sword” from Jonathan and Joshua Luna (aka the Luna Brothers). The comics have been picked up by Lakeshore Entertainment, who are apparently looking to start a new movie franchise (of course).

So what’s it about?

Story follows a young paraplegic who leads an ordinary existence until her family is brutally murdered by a mysterious trio. Escaping from the assassins, she discovers a sword that restores her ability to walk and grants her physical powers. With her new weapon she sets out on a journey of brutal retribution.

Apparently there are immortal warriors and superpowered siblings (the “mysterious trio”) in this thing. Plus, the female lead gets basically super powers thanks to the sword.

“The Sword” was published by Image Comics from 2007 to 2010, and wrapped up with Issue #24.

The Sword Comic Book Cover

Via : Deadline