Lame Poster Alert: Darren Lynn Bousman’s Mother’s Day Remake

I know you shouldn’t judge a movie by its theatrical poster, but it’s kind of hard to stay positive when you’re faced with something as limp and lifeless as the artwork currently making the rounds for Darren Lynn Bousman’s upcoming “Mother’s Day” remake. Considering the graphic nature of the promotional images released not too long ago, you’d think the marketing professionals behind this intense endeavor would want to leave you with the impression that their film is worth watching. The image embedded below resembles something you’d expect from the Lifetime network, not a gory, balls-out horror flick directed by the guy responsible for “Repo: The Genetic Opera”.

Am I an overreacting nerd with too much time on my hands? Perhaps. Regardless, Bousman’s “Mother’s Day” remake needs better representation.

via Slashfilm.