Larry Fessenden to Direct The Orphanage Remake

You don’t normally associate kooky actor/director Larry Fessenden (“Wendigo”, “The Last Winter”) with something as commercial and “Hollywood” as coming onboard to direct yet another Hollywood remake of a foreign horror movie. Yet, that’s exactly what he’s done. THR says the indie director has agreed to direct a remake of the 2007 Spanish horror film “The Orphanage” for New Line.

The Spanish original was directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, and starred Belén Rueda as a woman who returns to the orphanage where she grew up, only to discover that her son’s new imaginary friend is the same person who terrorized her when she was a child.

The original was produced by Guillermo del Toro (Bayona was one of his proteges), who returns to produce the remake and has actually already written the script for said remake with Fessenden even before the latter officially agreed to helm the project.

Fessenden, who also moonlights as an actor, is a pretty strange choice to direct such a Hollywood horror movie as “The Orphanage”. He’s directed a couple of moderately budgeted indie horrors in the past, but this will be his first really commercial film. As a result, don’t expect this remake of a foreign horror film to look like all the rest.

Del Toro and New Line will now begin searching for a female lead.

Kids are creepy. This is why I leave mine locked up in the closet.

Kids are creepy. This is why I leave mine locked up in the closet.