Larry the Cable Guy Snags a Pair of Pink Wings for Tooth Fairy 2


Remember that movie “Tooth Fairy” which starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a hockey player who’s forced into tooth-collecting servitude by none other than Stephen Merchant? If not, don’t feel bad. Unless you’re under the age of five and/or have atrocious taste in motion pictures, there’s a very strong chance that you missed it. Trust me when I say that you can live without it. Apparently someone thought we needed a sequel, one that stars “comedic genius” Larry the Cable Guy. Are we that desperate for entertainment these days that we’re getting follow-ups to movies nobody cared about in the first place? It would appear so.

If this tells you anything, Amazon is currently selling “Tooth Fairy 2″, “Hop”, and “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked” together as one of their taste-tailored package deals. If you’re the sort who’s interested in such a thing, you can procure a copy of the film when it arrives on March 6th, 2012. Curious parties should direct their attention to the trailer embedded below. Don’t blame me when something mushy begins oozing from your ears.

Author: Todd Rigney

Todd was raised on a steady diet of Hollywood blockbusters, late-night Cinemax programming, and USA’s “Up All Night,” which may explain why his taste in movies is more than a little questionable. When he isn’t providing news and reviews for Beyond Hollywood, he can be found lounging lazily on his couch, perched in front of his television, or dwelling in places where direct sunlight can be easily avoided. He's happily married, in his 30's, and totally badass. If you'd like to reach Todd, you can follow him on Twitter or send him email/scoops to todd (at)
  • Dedpool

    Okay, I kinda liked the first one with the Rock. Personally I think doing all those kids movies went a long way toward improving his skill at the craft. It was great but it had its moments, just like the Gameplan. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad he’s back to being a badass but als glad he’s not trying to pigeonhole himself as a one genere kind of guy.

    That being said Tooth Fairy did not warrant a sequel, especially with this fool!!

  • eixel

    Well I liked this one better than the first one. The caseworker/supervisor was very cute and did a great job in this movie, plus she had a sense of humor.