Last-Minute Reshoots for Hancock

Uh oh. I smell trouble. When a movie like “Hancock”, which costs untold millions to make, has to come out of its slumber to reshoot something for 12-hours with the star of the movie present and in character, it’s pretty easy to think that something is wrong in the land of “Hancock”. Or at least, there is a perceived “wrongness” that the studio and the cast/crew felt needed to be “fixed”, or perhaps, added to.

Slashfilm has the breakdown on the “Hancock” reshoot:

That’s because the photo was taken on Saturday night… [cue inquisitive music] That’s right folks, the film did reshoots on Saturday night in Times Square. Apparently they shot for 12 hours and got some last minute footage they needed for the movie which hits theaters in seven weeks.

The last time Will Smith had to do reshoots for one of his movies, it was for that awful ending for “I am Legend”. And although the trailers for “Hancock” have rocked the house, reviews I’m hearing about the film really seems down on the ending. Perhaps this is to address that…?

“Hancock” opens July 2, 2008.

TheBadandUgly has pictures from the reshoot.

Hancock REshoot in New York