Late Night Lunacy: Underwater Love

Underwater Love (2011) Movie Image

A Japanese soft core porn musical involving a woman and a sea creature? Why not? Surprisingly, director Shinji Imaoka’s “Underwater Love” has received quite a bit of praise, as you’ll see in the embedded trailer. It looks insane, especially when you get to the girl-on-sea creature parts. Creepy or erotic? I guess that depends on you, buddy.

A plot synopsis? I’ve got one of those:

Asuka, a woman in her thirties, works in a lakeside fish factory. She’s about to be married to her boss, Taki. One day, she encounters a Kappa – a water sprite found in Japanese folklore – and learns that the creature is in fact the reborn form of Aoki, an old crush who drowned to death when they were 17. What ensues is a wacky spectacle of love, music and sex.

Region 2 owners can pick up the DVD on November 21st, 2011. Not sure when the US will get a crack at it. In the meantime, curious parties should investigate the clip below. It’s worth noting, however, that this thing isn’t safe for work.

Source: Far East Films

Underwater Love (2011) Movie Poster