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Warner Bros. should be pleased — their “Justice League” film, tentatively set for sometime in 2015, is getting almost as much fanboy attention as Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers”. That will certainly bode well for the superhero team-up, considering that “The Avengers” was the biggest money maker of 2012.

The latest round of “Justice League” movie rumor comes courtesy of Latino-Review, who reaffirms what we already suspected about the movie — namely that its final superhero roster will consist of JL stalwarts Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern.

D.C. Comics LogoSounds about right. D.C.’s characters, unlike Marvel’s, isn’t spread out over various studios, so they have their pick of who they want to show up. That means, for fans, the big hitters like Batman and Superman. And uh, Green Lantern too, I guess.

This latest news also confirms a previous report from earlier in the month that had the exact same roster dealing with bad guy Darkseid.

Now, as for who will be playing which superhero, and how will they connect with previous superhero movies, that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame…

The site also adds that you may also expect cameo appearances from either Aquaman, The Martian Manhunter, or Hawkman. Or perhaps two. Or all three. Or none. (Hey, that’s why the “may” is in bold, you know.)

Personally I’m hoping for Hawkman. The whole feathers and hawk mask and mace get-up is just so much cooler than a dude who can talk to dolphins, or a Klingon with a fear of fire…

Hawkman Comic Book

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  • Dedpool

    Manhunter really NEEDS to be in this. He’s like the glue of the JL and interms of abilities could probably beat most of the JL and go toe to toe with Supes. Supes actually said in a JLA issue J’onnis one of the few people he’d be afraid of. Bring on White Martians in JL2.

    • Nix

      Yeah, but couldn’t Batman just light a match and have him covering in the corner?

      • Dedpool

        No. It takes more than just a small flame. Needs to be a raging inferno, and even then it doesn’t really physically hurt him that much. It’s more a psychological issue stemming from something that happened on Mars AND more. In the comics he actually freed himself from the fear of fire because on a mission it cost the league their lives (which they were of course ressurected) but in doing so it released something within him that was locked away in the Martian DNA, the remnants of a third group of martians that were more violent than the whites and burned everything around them. Their psychic abilities amplified the fire with the rage and siffering of those around them. From wiki: One portrayal explained that the flame weakness was tied into Martian telepathy, with fire causing so much chaos in Martian minds that they collapse[volume & issue needed]. Most recently it was revealed, during the Trial By Fire storyline,[59] that this fear was instilled on a genetic level by the Guardians of the Universe 20,000 years ago to weaken what was then a very aggressive species on the verge of interstellar conquest—this act split the race into the Green Martians and White Martians,

        • Nix


          • Dedpool

            No doubt! That’s why you brought me on!! LOL To be fair I own the “Trial by Fire” arc in trade form and it was awesome! I have all of JLA up til the last few trades.

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    Hawkman? Really? After he looked so uber ridiculous in Smallville? I’d rather opt for Martian Manhunter too.
    It might be getting just as much attention from fanboys as the Avengers, but that’s cause most of us are expecting it to fail. 2015 just seems to close a date to do this thing properly. The Avengers worked because by the time it came around the audience were already sold on the characters, the actors who played them and four years of building up to that moment. JLA doesn’t have any of that going for it.
    I really think they should push this film back and work on creating a shared cinematic universe first.

    • Dedpool

      Well if the last article about the JL is true, then we already have the beginnings of one with Reynolds returning as a les Green Hal (see what I did there) and Henry Cavil as Superman. Also I think that if they can establish things decently in this they can spin off solo films for Wonder Woman, Flash and a reboot for Batman (But that one is a given!). Remeber how much love Ruffalo and Hulk got from Avengers. But I also hope they continue the trend of making Manhunter’s alter ego black, it just seemed to fit. For him on the big screen I want Dennis Haysbert

      • Juggernaut

        Haysbert is the go to. I’d much rather see him as Darkseid. Peter Mensah for Jon Jonnz! Lance Reddick as Ma’alafa’ak!

        • Dedpool

          Oh yeah, Mensah would be great!

    • Nix

      Frankly, every one looked ridiculous in Smallville. It was a ridiculous show.

      • Aegon the Conqueror

        Agreed! The awesomeness of Arrow just highlights that! But Hawkman’s costume was very true to the comics.

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    But seriously though, who besides comic book fan really care about Hal Jordan at this point? Especially the Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan. Henry Cavil I love so far as superman, but I don’t think a JLA team up was the way the character was written by Nolan and Goyer and I would hate for that character to be twisted into something else in order to make another film.
    Agreed with the Manhunter thing!
    Wonder Woman, ugh! Does she really need her own movie? Hera help me! There are so many other more fascinating female superheroes out there!