Latest Outlander Trailer Reveals the Beast

James Caviezel’s sci-fi/Viking flick “Outlander” will come and go, and not a whole lot of people will notice it unless they’re into James Caviezel movies, or movies about spacemen and Vikings, but I’ll probably be one of the few people who will be searching this thing out and enjoying the hell out of it when it’s finally released after what seemed like forever of sitting on the shelf. Sure, it doesn’t look like it has the makings of a “Blade Runner” or anything groundbreaking, but I loved the hell out of “The 13th Warrior”, another revisionist take on the Beowulf tale (heck, I even thought the Christopher Lambert version was pretty decent!), and I’m pretty sure I’ll love the hell out of this one, too.

Here’s the latest trailer for the movie, which reveals the beast itself (pictured, below). It’s entirely CGI, from the looks of it, and not all that convincing, but the Viking stuff still looks watchable.


The film lands on limited release January 23, 2009. Save yourself a tank of gas trying to find a theater that will be playing it, and just wait for the DVD.