Latest Sin City 2 Ava Lord Candidate: Rose McGowan?

In case you haven’t heard, Rose McGowan wants to be a big-time movie star, and in order to achieve that, she’s gonna have to star in some really big budget, high-profile movies, and not show up as a one-legged chick as part of an ensemble cast. You know, like a remake of Jane Fonda’s “Barbarella”, or playing a swordfighting, barely clothes wearing warrior chick in “Red Sonja”, or hey, how about this, starring as the female lead in the highly anticipated “Sin City” sequel, which will be based on Frank Miller’s “A Dame to Kill For” series starring a certain femme fatale name Ava Lord? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Here’s news from the guys at that has Rose McGowan’s press agent written all over it. Of course I could be wrong, and in case I am, let’s just pretend I never said the above. Says CBM about the probably/in all likelihood made up news:

Scooper “luxurykill” reports that Red Sonja actress Rose Mcgowan has secured the part of Ava Lord in Sin City 2…

While a lot of wish lists put Mcgowan in that role, nothing we’ve seen cements the part.

Really? A lot of “wish lists” put McGowan in the role? Seriously? Who is making these wish lists, fans of the TV show Charmed? Just kidding, fans of Charmed, don’t write letters.

Anyhoo. Past rumors have put Angelina Jolie and Rachel Weisz in the role of Ava Lord, so McGowan definitely has some stiff competition. And hey, isn’t McGowan supposed to be splitsville with “Sin City 2” director Robert Rodriguez? If that was the case, it would sure make working together awwwwwwwwkward.

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