Latest Street Fighter Poster Emphasis the Chinese Part

The tagline for “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li” reads: “Her strength. Her fury. Her vengeance. Will become legend.” I’m assuming that’s repeated in the Chinese writings featured on this International poster for the movie. Then again, being that I don’t speak Chinese, those Chinese characters could be warning people not to see the movie cause it looks kinda wonky. In fact, the only movie that has worst buzz than “Chun Li” is another FOX movie, “Dragonball: Evolution”. Maybe the studio can package the two movies together in a discount marquee. I can see the ads now: “Come see Chun Li, stay for the Dragonball!” Or how about this: “Chun Li’s Dragonballs Special!” Etc etc.

Based on the popular video game franchise, female fighter Chun Li embarks on a quest for justice.

Apparently part of that quest for justice involves having to fight that guy with the creepy eyes from “Band of Brothers”. Plus Balrog goes around firing a bazooka. I still don’t “get” that part of the movie.

Thanks to reader Riff-M for the poster.

Update: This poster is apparently fan-made. A very nice fan-made one, at that.