Latest Trailer for Stuart Beattie’s Tomorrow When the War Began

I haven’t been a big supporter of this property for one simple reason: It’s “Red Dawn” in a different setting. Granted, this argument can be applied to a number of quality motion pictures, even ones that I hold very dear to my evil little heart. With that in mind, I decided to have a little look-see at the full-length trailer for Stuart Beattie’s upcoming teenager war flick “Tomorrow, When the War Began”. And while I’m not entirely sold on the picture quite yet, I will say that the latest trailer does paint the flick in a more promising light. Of course, given the negative weight of my previous opinion, it honestly had nowhere to go but up. I apologize in advance if that upsets you.

Here’s a short synopsis, in case you’re curious:

Based on the popular novels by John Marsden, “Tomorrow, When the War Began” follows the journey of eight high school friends in a remote country town whose lives are suddenly and violently upended by a war that no-one saw coming. Cut off from their families and their friends, these eight extraordinary teenagers must somehow learn to escape, survive and fight back.

“Tomorrow, When the War Began” opens in Australian theaters on September 2nd. The rest of the world will just have to wait patiently for their turn.

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