Launch Semi-Aborted: Madagascar 3 Tops Prometheus

Prometheus (2012) Movie PosterAs most industry insiders had expected, Dreamworks’ “Madagascar 3” took the top prize at the box office over the weekend with a studio estimated $60 million, thanks to it whopping 4,200-plus screen debut. By comparison, Ridley Scott’s R-rated sci-fi movie was showing in just under 3,400 screens, about 800 less than the animated sequel. Still, that was more than enough for “Prometheus” to take second place with an estimated $50 million. Although it’s just now opening Stateside, “Prometheus” was out a week earlier overseas, where it has totaled $91 million so far, giving it $141 million worldwide after one week of release.

No one doubted that “Madagascar 3” would rise to the top, thanks to its family friendly PG entertainment with the kids just out of school. A theater pack with kids means screaming brats and a headache, but for the movie theaters, that’s the sound of CHA-CHING. The sequel, about a bunch of escaped New York zoo animals trying to make their way back home by way of Europe and a circus, continues to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors. Worldwide, it has already made $135 million, on its way to matching the first movie’s $532 million and the sequel’s $603 million.

“Prometheus”, heavily hyped as director Ridley Scott’s “return to the genre he helped define”, is clearly intended as the first of a new series of films. Thanks to its fanboy-heavy pedigree, the “Alien” prequel took Friday night, before slipping to “Madagascar 3’s” kiddie pool over the weekend. For a big-budget, CG-heavy film, it’s surprising that “Prometheus” only has an estimated $130 million budget. The film has already surpassed that in worldwide box office, but it’ll be interesting to see how it holds up in the coming weeks, with only “Rock of Ages” and “That’s my Boy” being its primary studio competition.

Meanwhile, Rupert Sanders’ “Snow White and the Huntsman” came in at third in its second week, adding another $23 million to its coffers, giving it $98 million in two weeks of Stateside release, and $182 million worldwide. The film has now crossed its production budget, but will still have to keep churning out the cash in order to justify a sequel or two, though it’s looking pretty good. It’s doubtful that “Snow White” will catch up to Will Smith’s “Men in Black 3”, though. In its third week, the sci-fi comedy landed at fourth place, but currently has an impressive $487 million tally. Yet more proof that the world really, really love Will Smith.

Marvel’s “The Avengers” rounds out the Top 5, and should surpass the $1.4 billion mark by the end of this week. Unfortunately it’s looking unlikely that the seminal superhero team-up will usurp “Titanic” as the #2 film all-time in both the all-time domestic and worldwide box office. I guess it’ll just have to make due with being the #3 film of all-time. Not a bad gig if you can’t get’em.

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