Laundry Warrior Becomes Warrior’s Way, Gets Ass-Kicking Promo Reel

Originally titled “Laundry Warrior”, Sngmoo Lee’s martial arts-Western-fantasy movie has since been retitled “The Warrior’s Way”, and a slick (albeit of very poor quality) three and change promo reel has landed online. The film stars South Korean star Dong-Kun Jang (“Taegukgi”) as Yang, a badass warrior from some Asian land who ends up in a freaky, albeit cliche Wild West, where he meets up with Kate Bosworth and some circus types and form an unlikely bond. Oh yeah, he’s also carrying around a toddler, and he makes a living doing laundry.

That is, until trouble arises when some bandits show up and take Kate hostage, forcing Yang to re-visit his sword-wielding ways. And oh yeah, a bunch of shadowy ninja types soon show up thereafter to revisit their feud with Yang. Much bad Western accents, gunplay, and sword-slicing ensue.

The film stars Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston, Geoffrey Rush, Tony Cox, Dong-Kun Jang, Matt Gillanders, Nic Sampson, Ashley Jones, and Jessica Cummings. Sngmoo Lee directs.

The promo reel looks like a mixture of “300” (don’t they all do nowadays?) and some drug-induced haze, but with saloon girls. Kinda cool, though it’s hard to tell what’s going on. Hopefully a better quality video will show up soon, or perhaps just an official (or thereabouts) trailer would do.

First noticed by the boys at 24FPS.