Laurence Fishburne Checks Into The Colony

Laurence FishburneLaurence Fishburne versus a bunch of subterranean cannibals? I can totally dig that.

The “Matrix” and “Contagion” star (who recently spent some time on TV on one of those unGodly generic crime-solving shows involving neon-glowing crime labs and other nonsense) has signed on to star in the indie Canadian horror/thriller “The Colony”, where he’ll play one of many survivors of a new Ice Age that have been forced underground. But hey, at least they’re alive, right? The rest of the world was apparently not so lucky. That’s the good news. The bad news? They now have to contend with cannibals. Yes, cannibals. Maybe freezing to death ain’t so bad…

“The Colony” was first announced back in 2010, with “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” director Patrick Tatopoulos originally attached to direct. Tatopoulos has apparently moved on, because Jeff Renfroe, who co-wrote the script with Patrick Tarr, Pascal Trottier and Svet Rouskov, has now taken over directing duties. Renfroe has about a handful of directing credits to his name, but chances are you’ve never heard of any of them.

Besides Fisburne, Kevin Zegers (last seen freezing his butt off in Adam Green’s “Frozen”) is also joining the film, which is set to go into production next week in Toronto. “The Colony” will be budgeted at $16 million. I guess production dollars go farther in Canada.

Kevin Zegers in The Entitled

Via : THR