Laurence Fishburne Signs up for NBC’s Hannibal

Laurence Fishburne in CSI TV SeriesLaurence Fishburne, fresh off his stint on CBS’ “CSI” show (the main version, not the one set in the former Czech Republic, or the one set in my closet), is said to be “circling” the role of Jack Crawford in NBC’s “Hannibal” TV series. The show, of course, is an adaptation of the Thomas Harris character originally made famous by Anthony Hopkins in the movie “Silence of the Lambs” and continued with a series of movies.

If he signs on, Fishburne’s take on Crawford would make him the fourth actor to play the role, joining the likes of Dennis Farina, Scott Glenn, and Harvey Keitel, all of whom played Jack Crawford in three separate movies that chronicled the exploits of genius serial killer Hannibal The Cannibal. In the TV version, from “Pushing Daisies” producer Bryan Fuller, Hannibal won’t have completely embraced his dark side yet, but will actually be a consultant to the FBI. Similar to the cop-genius set-up of shows like “Bones” and “The Mentalist”, except this genius might eat the cop.

Mads Mikkelsen will play Hannibal, while Hugh Dancy is Will Graham, the equally smarty pants FBI agent who Hannibal teams up with to solve complicated crimes. Fishburne’s Crawford is Graham’s boss, the head honcho of the agency’s Behavioral Science Unit, aka the Serial Killer Catching Squad.

“Hannibal” is scheduled for this mid-season.

Mads Mikkelsen

Via : TVLine