Laz Alonso is the Killer Fenix in Fast and Furious 4

I can’t believe it’s taken the producers of “The Fast and the Furious 4” this long to finally cast their gang enforcer, the character Fenix. Hasn’t production on the film started over a month ago? In any case, the man who will be responsible for bringing Dominic Toretto out of hiding will be played by an actor named Laz Alonso (pictured, left), who has been in “Stomp the Yard” and “Captivity”. To find out what pivotal role Fenix plays in the film, head over here to read the SPOILERS. Hint: It involves Letty.


Actor Laz Alonso, best known for his roles in “Stomp the Yard” and “This Christmas”, has had his tyres pumped up to do a lap in the new “Fast and the Furious” sequel. He’ll play the pivotal role of ‘Fenix’ in the pic.

Fenix is one of the main chaps transporting goods for the villain, Antonio Braga. Naturally, he also drives a pretty hot car – a Red Daytona.

A Red Daytona, eh? But not just any Daytona, a souped up Daytona, no doubt.

“The Fast and the Furious 4” is directed by Justin Lin, and returns the film’s original stars for another go-round.

Laz Alonso is the Killer Fenix in Fast and Furious 4