Leatherface and Jigsaw, Sitting in a Tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G…

Not content to rob the pockets of undemanding horror teens with their neverending line of “Saw” movies (seriously, what’s this franchise up to now, “Saw 65”?), the gruesome folks over at Twisted Pictures have decided to add ol Leatherface and his “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” brood to their label as well. Word is the people behind Jigsaw’s crazy killing spree would like to bring Leatherface out of the past and into contemporary Americana, so that he may slice and dice more modern looking kids with his trademark chainsaw.

The rights to acquire the “TCM” franchise comes after talks between Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes and the right holders broke down. The Platinum Dunes boys originally had rights to the franchise on a per-pic basis, meaning everytime they wanted to make another TCM movie, they had to negotiate the price. Bay’s people have made two movies so far, a slick remake in 2003 and a prequel in 2006. Both films were set in the past, and proved financially successful.

Twisted Pictures’ acquisition of the franchise is for multiple films, and the plan is to “contemporize the storyline for a 3D film”. Yes, another 3D horror movie. Why? Because that’s what everyone is doing, so why the hell not? Hollywood, you’re so edgy and original.

In any case, what are the chances of a Jigsaw/Leatherface crossover? Sorta like what Marvel Studios is planning with their characters. They can call it “The Battle of the Saws”. One can only hope.

Yeah, this sucks, but it beats being cut up by a chainsaw, right?

Yeah, this sucks, but it beats being cut up by a chainsaw, right?