Lee Byung-hun in Expensive Spy Drama Series IRIS

I don’t normally report on these limited-episode TV shows from Asia, but this one just happens to star Lee Byung-hun, is a spy thriller set in locations around the world, including the U.S., and it was developed by Kang Je-kyu, who knows a thing or two about action movies, having helmed major blockbusters like “Taegugki” and “Shiri”. And oh yeah, did I mention it’ll cost $22 million, making it easily the most expensive South Korean drama to date? All that is true, and then some.

Variety has more on the series:

Helmed by TV producer Lee Hyung-min (“Sorry, I Love You”), the series will be lensed later this year at international locations including Russia, Japan, China and U.S. The spy actioner features four main characters, but plot details have not been divulged.

High-profile production recalls elements of the ‘Korean Wave’ era only a few years ago when the country’s TV dramas and later movies drew huge auds across the whole of Asia and were licensed at sky-high prices, especially to Japan.

Lee Byung-hun is one busy man, with roles as Storm Shadow in the upcoming “G.I. Joe” and the Josh Harnett starrer “I Come with the Rain”, both English-speaking movies. If you need someone to play a cool, smooth spy, Lee Byung-hun is your guy.

Lee Byung-hun in IRIS