Lee Byung-hun is Officially Back as Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe 2

So yeah, you sorta saw him falling to his death at the end of the first “G.I. Joe” movie, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have survived. He is, after all, a friggin’ super ninja and all, even if he was also a jealous little douche back when he was a young’un. That’s kids for ya.

Anyways, according to Lee Byung-hun’s agency, the South Korean actor, who is uber famous overseas and especially in Asia but barely known in the States, will reprise the Cobra villain Storm Shadow in the upcoming “Joe” sequel, essentially making him the first actor to be officially confirmed for the now Stephen Sommers-less follow-up, scheduled for sometime in 2012.

Most fans, of course, hopes Storm Shadow will play a more crucial role in the sequel, along with his nemesis Snake Eyes. Hell, if you poll them, most fans would probably rather have a Storm Shadow vs. Snake Eyes movie instead of involving those cartoony Cobra dorks and their world-conquering nonsense, but I could just be making that last part up.