Lee Cheol-ha’s The Deserted House Gets an English Subtitled Trailer

Sure, the embedded clip you’re about to spend a few minutes with claims that the advertised film is called “The Haunted House Project”, but it’s actually Lee Cheol-ha’s South Korean “lost footage” flick “The Deserted House” as it appears in Singapore cinemas. For those of us who have been following this feature for a while, this is extremely good news, as the latest trailer for the flick is subtitled in English. Not surprisingly, I’m kind of pumped about it. Blame “The Blair Witch Project” if you must.

Here’s a quick synopsis courtesy of 24 Frames per Second:

Over the course of forty two years, six went missing, eight had unexplained accidents and eleven were murdered. Three haunted house club members and three camera crew decide to look into this infamously haunted house, known to be possessed by real ghosts. Ignoring all signs from the other world, they enter this haunted house and disappear without a trace. Video footage of what they saw during their visit was later recovered, which may reveal why and how they met their end.

“The Deserted House” — or, “The Haunted House Projected” — opened in Singapore theaters on December 9th. A North American release would make me happy. Seriously.