Lee Child Wants to Assure You That Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is Going to be Okay

Lee ChildEarlier today we reported that Robert Duval was in final negotiations to re-team with his “Days of Thunder” co-star Tom Cruise in Christopher McQuarrie’s “One Shot”. No word on what character Duval would play, but while small, the role is apparently a pivotal one.

But back to the topic of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, a source of great consternation among fans of author Lee Child.

For his part, Child has been pretty consistent in his belief that he doesn’t mind Cruise playing Reacher in a movie based on his series of bestselling novels. In fact, Child goes to great lengths to praise Cruise despite the actor and the character’s, er, shall we say, differences.

Talking to Empire, Child continues to assure fans of his novels that Cruise will work out as Reacher:

I wasn’t surprised [by Cruise’s casting] because this was on the cards for a very long time… we’ve been dealing with his people for six years. Obviously, Tom Cruise doesn’t match the physical description of Reacher in the books… but the movie is not going to match the book anyway. More than that though, which actor does match Reacher physically? What people forget is that Tom Cruise is quite possibly the best actor of his generation.

I’ve always thought Cruise was a good actor, but I’m not sure he’s the “best actor of his generation”. But I guess that’s subjective. Moving on:

If you look at what McQuarrie and Cruise have done before, I think this Reacher will be more clinical – the scapel rather than the sledgehammer. I think fans of the books will go to the movie and be a little weirded out for the first five minutes, but then the question is, what will happen after the first five minutes? If it’s as done as well as I hope it will be, I don’t think it will be a problem.

I do appreciate that Child is going to great lengths to put fans at ease with the casting. Frankly, I’m more perplexed that McQuarrie and company decided, of all the books, to choose “One Shot” as the introduction movie to Child’s Jack Reacher. There are so many other, better installments out there to choose from, why “One Shot”? This particular story doesn’t explain anything about Reacher, doesn’t even bother to tell much about the character in terms of origin. If the novels were a TV show, “One Shot” would be one of those episodes in the middle of the year that you could do with or without.

So yeah, still have no idea why they chose to introduce Jack Reacher to the world using “One Shot”. That, I think, is the issue more than Tom Cruise being cast as Reacher, but I digress.

What about you? Does Child’s assurances assure you?

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