Leelee Sobieski and Tricia Helfer in Walk All Over Me Images

Leelee Sobieski and Tricia Helfer gets their dominatrix gear on for “Walk All Over Me”, described by IMDB.com rather cryptically as a comedy and a thriller. The plot goes something like this: “A small town girl runs into big time trouble as she takes on her roommates identity as a dominatrix to pay the bills.” Basically, if you ever had any kinds of fantasies about Leelee Sobieski, this movie will probably make your dreams come true judging by the couple of promo pictures that have surfaced on the net (and shown below). As for Tricia Helfer — well, you’ve probably seen all you needed to see from her, so it’s all about Leelee here.

Starring Tricia Helfer, Michael Eklund, Lothaire Bluteau, Jacob Tierney, Michael Adamthwaite, and directed by Robert Cuffley.

Get walked on sometime in 2008.