Len Wiseman Promises a Modern-Day Epic Horror Mummy Reboot

The MummyI think Len Wiseman, the chosen director of Universal’s upcoming “The Mummy” reboot, gets a bad rap. After all, he got Kate Beckinsale to marry him. How bad of a guy could he possibly be? And his films, while not Christopher Nolan territory, are pretty entertaining. Heck, I even sorta/kinda liked his “Total Recall” reboot. Mostly.

Wiseman’s next film will be to reboot “The Mummy” for the studio, and to hear him tell it, this movie will definitely be a reboot in every sense of the word. Not only will it not have anything to do with Stephen Sommers’ two “Mummy” movies starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, or the third “Mummy” movie not directed by Sommers, but starring Fraser and Maria Bello (standing in for Weisz) but it’ll also be a modern-day take.

Here’s what the director told MovieWeb about what we should expect when his version of the Mummy unwraps, oh, in a couple of years:

There was skepticism. The difference between the two, if The Mummy is to be the next movie for me, is that The Mummy is a completely different film. It is a modern day take. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Brendan Fraser films, and it is not a remake of any kind.

The Mummy is one of Universal’s long standing, iconic characters, well before the Brendan Fraser movies… This is such a different thing. What was attractive to me…There is still a script to be written, and all of that….But the pitch was to go with a much different tone. It was a Mummy like I’d never heard of before. Its nothing like what you would expect, at all, oddly. I was picturing Egypt, and the sand swept settings. The mummy wrappings. When I heard what they were wanting to actually do with it, it was shocking…

It’s horror. Its epic. It’s more of a modern day version of what would happen if we came across a mummy in our world today. It is pretty fascinating.

So there you have it. A modern-day set Mummy movie that has no connections to the Fraser films whatsoever. I’d sure like to see him pull off an “epic” horror movie about a Mummy in a world with cellphones and Reality TV shows starring people famous for being famous.

Knowing Wiseman, there will be lots of cool, slick visuals (probably of a slightly blue-ish tint variety), and if we’re all good, he might cast his wife Kate Beckinsale as the female lead.

Len Wiseman and Kate Beckinsale on the set of Total Recall (2012) Movie Image