Box Office: Leo and Marty Shutter The Competition

Hard to believe, but for all their notoriety, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio have never actually been really huge box office draws. Their fourth film together, “Shutter Island” might have changed all that, as the film’s $40 million debut was a first for both star and director. (Not counting, of course, DiCaprio’s “Titanic”, which was obviously not a “Leonardo DiCaprio movie”, as hardly anyone knew him back then.) Previously, DiCaprio’s best opener was 2002’s “Catch me if you Can” with $30 million, and Scorsese’s was “The Departed” (also with DiCaprio) with $26 million in 2006.

For a film that saw various problems, including a lengthy release delay (it was originally supposed to open in 2009), “Shutter Island” easily took first place at the box office. Of course, it probably helps that the only other new film was Summit Entertainment’s “The Ghost Writer”, which opened in very limited release (four screens) and really didn’t present much of a challenge. Budgeted at an estimated $80 million, “Shutter Island” has recoup half of that in just one week of release.

Last week’s #1, the ensemble romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day” fell to second place, just barely holding off James Cameron’s “Avatar”. After falling down to fourth place last week, Cameron’s sci-fi epic has climbed back up to the third spot, knocking “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief” down to fourth place. Overall, “Avatar” continues to set records, having now accumulated over $688 million at the U.S. box office and $2.46 billion worldwide in 10 weeks of release.

Weekend’s Top 10 Box Office (via):

1 —–Shutter Island —–$40,200,000 —–$40,200,000
2 —–Valentine’s Day —–$17,160,000 —–$87,422,000
3 —–Avatar —–$16,100,000 —–$687,821,000
4 —–Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief —–$15,300,000 —– $58,760,000
5 —–The Wolfman —– $9,846,000 —–$50,315,000
6 —–Dear John —–$7,300,000 —–$65,971,000
7 —–Tooth Fairy —–$4,500,000 —–$49,867,000
8 —–Crazy Heart —–$3,025,000 —–$21,585,000
9 —–From Paris with Love —–$2,500,000 —–$21,200,000
10 —–Edge of Darkness —–$2,210,000 —– $40,314,000

Watch out, Marty, I'm a'gunnin' for ya!