Leo and Russell Tangle in Body of Lies Trailer

Russell Crowe. Leonardo DiCaprio. And Ridley Scott. It’s almost enough of a combination to make me squeal like a little girl. But luckily for all of us, I won’t do that, because it would just be embarrassing, as well as get my manliest man of all men credentials revoke, and that is something we cannot have. Anyhoo. The first ever trailer for Scott’s terrorist action thriller “Body of Lies”, which looks more like a buddy cop action movie than an international, globe-hopping terrorist thriller, has arrive in the interwebs. It looks pretty damn good, but then again, Scott can direct a turtle race and make it look bloody brilliant.

A CIA operative (Leonardo DiCaprio) is sent to Jordan to track a high-ranking terrorist. The spy is aided by the head of Jordan’s covert operations in an uneasy alliance that leads to cultural and moral clashed between the men.

Plus Russell Crowe. The description above doesn’t really mention Crowe, but if you look at the trailer, it’s all about Crowe and DiCaprio. Then again, trailers have lied to me before. Our relationship is rocky like that.

Uncover the body of lies October 10.