Leo is a Bum (I Tell Ya, a Bum!) in The Deep Blue Goodbye

Leonardo DiCaprio gets attached to a lot of movies, most of which never happens. I’m still waiting for that “Akira” movie, Leo, get on it! Anyways, the latest property with his name attached is the easy-going sounding “The Deep Blue Goodbye”, an adaptation of a series of mystery novels by John D. MacDonald. DiCaprio is in line to star and produce with Peter Chernin of 20th Century Fox.

Variety has more about “The Deep Blue Goodbye”:

DiCaprio is in line to play Travis McGee, a self-described beach bum who lives aboard 52-foot houseboat the Busted Flush and alleviates his cash-flow problems by hiring on as a “salvage consultant.” He recovers property for clients, taking a hefty percentage and getting into a lot of danger and romance in sun-drenched Florida. “The Deep Blue Goodbye,” the first in a 21-volume bestselling Travis McGee series, was originally published in 1964.

Chernin also has Greg Rucka’s “Queen and Country” adaptation in the works, along with another hitman-in-hiding movie called “Man and Wife” by writer Alan McElroy, who you may recall wrote the obscenely stupid “Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever”. One can only improve from that monstrosity, right?

Hopefully “The Deep Blue Goodbye” will shoot before I die of old age.

Oh, the life of a beach bum. Beats banging supermodels all weekend.

Oh, the life of a beach bum. Beats banging supermodels all weekend.