Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America? Hell, Why Not.

To be honest with you, these “[Insert A-List Actor Name Here] to play [Insert Iconic Comic Book Character Here]” rumors get floated around the Internet more often than Paris Hilton drops to her knees during Fleet Week. Got a rumor you want to float? Just go ahead and do it, and credit it to an unnamed source in a movie studio somewhere. Shit, that’s what everyone else does, and I should probably start doing it, too. It’ll make me look important and crap without me having to actually do anything to be important like, you know, actually succeed in stuff. But I digress. The latest A-Lister rumored for an Iconic superhero role? Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America.

Latino Review are the floaters this week. Here’s their reasoning (or lack thereof):

Well, speaking of CAPTAIN AMERICA, I have myself a trusted source internally over at Marvel and they are now starting to toss names for the role of Steve Rogers.

The name at the top of the list?


See what I mean? Make a post, throw out some unnamed source at a studio, and voila, you got yourself an exclusive inside scoop.

Now I’m not saying the boys over at LR are wrong; more often than not they seem to have their pulse on that part of Hollywood that still has a pulse (you know, down there), but this is still the Interwebs, and you know, there’s a reason people who get paid to think of letters to put in newspapers mock us. With justification, too. We just don’t shower all that often.

Anyhow. Leonardo Dicaprio is rumored to be on the top of Marvel’s list for Captain America. Second is Brad Pitt, who was also rumored to be on Marvel’s top list for Thor. Basically, Marvel’s got a hard-on for Brad Pitt, and who can blame them? The dude is, like, Godly and shit.

Leonardo DiCaprio is Captain America?