Leonardo DiCaprio Confirmed to play FBI Director in Upcoming Hoover Biopic

There have been rumors and talks, but according to Deadline, it’s been confirmed: Leonardo DiCaprio will star as FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in the upcoming biopic.

Now, I love biopics and I’ve got a funny feeling I’m going to love the hell out of this biopic. Leo’s signed up and Clint Eastwood is ready to direct, who, by the way, has already proven beyond doubt that he’s more than just a Spaghetti Western star. The only question now is how they’ll portray the very controversial image of J. Edgar Hoover.

They’re not exactly short on material either. Throughout his 37 years in office, Hoover’s been involved in a lot. He helped build the FBI up from scratch, he waged campaigns against gangsters, the mafia and hippies alike, and, despite conflicting accounts, I can’t help but wonder how Eastwood will tackle the matters of Hoover’s questionable sexuality. And then there are rumors about Edgar Hoover secretly wearing women’s clothing…Will DiCaprio be wearing a dress in this film?