Leonardo DiCaprio Might Menace Tarantino’s Django Unchained

Well, this is a surprise. And I have to say, inspired casting. I always thought Leonardo DiCaprio could play a pretty mean bad guy. He’s always had that cherubic face that makes for a great good guy, even all covered up in facial hair and the like. Pro or con, the guy will probably always look like a teenager even when he’s in his ’50s. But maybe a nasty, vicious, bloody monologue-spouting turn in a Tarantino film will change all that.

THR has DiCaprio entering early talks for the lead villain in “Django Unchained”, about a freed slave who goes after his wife, absconded with by a couple of bad dudes, one of which will be Samuel L. Jackson, along with a white villain. DiCaprio is in talks for the role of the white villain, though word is, it’s very early in the negotiations so it could all go sideways, but here’s hoping it doesn’t.

Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds'” star Christoph Waltz will play a German bounty hunter who assists our freed slave hero on his quest.

Meanwhile, the lead role has been attached to everyone from Will Smith (apparently Tarantino’s #1 pick for the role) to Idris Elba and even Jamie Foxx.