Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in and Produce Atari

Leonardo DiCaprio has been attached to a lot of movies recently, some of them more interesting than others — Ridley Scott’s “House of Lies” and Sam Mendes’ “Revolutionary Road” are two examples. “Atari”, a biopic about the found of Atari, and videogame classics like Pac Man, Breakout, and Space Invaders is not. Granted, Leo could end up making this thing fascinating as all get out, like, say, adding aliens or undercover Irish moles or something.

E! Online
has more on the project:

He has signed on to star in Atari, a biopic on Nolan Bushnell, the inventor of the famed home video game console, per the Hollywood Reporter. After building Atari to an international juggernaut, Bushnell was forced out, only to have a second act as the founder of the Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza chain.

From Atari to Chuck E. Cheese. Wow. There’s a movie in this? Is Bushnell also a druggie, or a womanizer, or some kind of secret federal mob undercover agent or something?

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