Leprechaun To Get the Boot. Reboot, That is.

Leprechaun (1993) Movie PosterJust in time for Saint Patrick’s Day (well, almost), comes this news that Lionsgate and the wrasslin’ folks at WWE (yes, they’re making films now, and have been for some time actually, usually starring one of their wrestlers under contract) are teaming up to bring you a reboot of the “Leprechaun” franchise. Because, hell, who doesn’t like tiny evil guys with a top hat running around terrorizing nubile young lasses?

The 1993 original famously starred a young, shotgun-packing Jennifer Aniston, with Warwick Davis as the titular imp with wicked powers and an obsession for certain pots filled with shiny objects, preferably gold. As I recall, Davis played the character in a series of sequels, including entries that took the villain into outer space and, more frighteningly, into “da hood”.

Lionsgate and the WWE will both shell out the dough to make the movie, then put their heads together for the remake’s marketing. The rebooted film is already scheduled for 2013, though there are no cast, director, or writer attached yet.

With the WWE involved, one can only assume (nay, hope?) that some form of wrestling stunt will be included in the film’s PR rounds. Maybe they can get Jon Cena to body slam the little bugger.

Jennifer Aniston in Leprechaun (1993) Movie Image

Via : Variety