Lesley-Ann Brandt Rebels Against Spartacus

First star Andy Whitfield, now Lesley-Ann Brandt? Yup. The actress who plays comely slave Naevia has decided to not rejoin the Starz show for a second season, opting instead for a recurring role on “CSI: New York” and other possible pilot projects.

Since Naevia, unlike her masters, survived the show’s bloody first season finale, the network will now have to re-cast the character. Or write her off. I’m guessing since they’ve already recast the leading man with Liam McIntyre, recasting a secondary castmember, even a fan-favorite like Brandt, shouldn’t make the network lose too much sleep.

Curiously, although she has decided not to re-up her role on the series, Brandt has already reprised the role once already in the “Spartacus” prequel “Gods of the Arena”.

Production on the long-delayed second season of “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”, which would find Spartacus and crew carrying out their rebellion against Rome, is expected to commence shortly.