Leslie Manns Up For The Change-Up

The gorgeous Leslie Mann has joined the cast of the Jason Bateman-Ryan Reynolds “switching bodies” comedy “The Change-Up”, which only recently added Olivia Wilde to the hijinks.

No word on what role Mann will play, but given that she’s been (criminally) typecast as the “wife” in most of her films, she’ll probably end up playing — duh — the wife in this one, too. In this case, the wife of Jason Bateman’s character, who somehow switches bodies with his slacker best friend (Reynolds) in order to get into the pants of his hot co-worker (Wilde). You may call that unethical and immoral, but I call that bros being bros, man.

David Dobkin is directing from a script by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who previously wrote “The Hangover”. Look for it in August 2011.