Leterrier or Favreau for Avengers Movie?

When it comes to “The Avengers” movie, whoever Marvel Studios chooses to helm the project, he better be good at two things — directing a mega movie on a massive budget, and working with really good actors, considering the casting for this thing will include Edward Norton and Robert Downey Jr., not to mention whoever they get to play Captain America and Thor. With that said, isn’t it obvious, that if the choice comes down to “Hulk” director Louis Leterrier (pictured, left) or “Iron Man” director Jon Favreau, that it’s no contest? Favreau gets the nod hands down.

But that’s not going to stop Leterrier from throwing his hat into the ring, and why should it? If you want something, you gotta make it clear you want it, right? Here’s what Leterrier recently told IGN about the possibility of directing an “Avengers” movie:

IGN: Clearly, The Avengers film is going to have its own writer or writers. But seeing how you’ve redefined the Hulk as a live-action character, how do you see him fitting into an Avengers movie?

Louis Leterrier: That’s why I kept the door open at the end. You know at the end when Edward opens his eyes and he’s in control of the Hulk now, he’s got somewhat of a malicious look on him. Is he good or is he bad? Has he decided to get vengeance upon this world that has treated him like a monster and recluse for so long? Or is he becoming a hero? And that’s what I want to keep the door open for. If it’s a Hulk movie, he’ll be good. But if it’s an Avengers movie, I’d love for Hulk to be what all these guys like Peter David and even Damon Lindelof… with his Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk that they’ll never finish, where Hulk is this crazy, man-eating creature that needs to be stopped. And that nothing can stop, except maybe love — his love for Betty. And Betty dying afterward makes him an uncontrollable creature. All that stuff keeps the door open. That’s why Edward is so good with that sort of riding the line and being on the edge of the razor. Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? He can communicate this with just one look. So that look was very important for me to set up possibly a sequel — he’s a good guy and a hero — or a different incarnation in either Iron Man 2 or in The Avengers, definitely.

IGN: Would you be interested in directing The Avengers movie?

Leterrier: I have tons of time. So far, I have tons of time. I’d love to do it. It would be so amazing. I absolutely love Spider-Man. I think Sam Raimi is a genius and he’s the reason why I make movies. Evil Dead 2 is the reason why I make movies. But The X-Men series with this really interesting ensemble cast, it’s so amazing for me as a director. It’s such a fantasy for me to direct amazing actors in these weird sorts of fantasy roles that I’d love to do an Avengers movie. And also The Avengers, it’s fun, it’s big, it’s huge, it’s something you’ve never seen before. And I’d love to do that.

I love his enthusiasm for comics, especially his jab at “Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk”. Really, guys, finish the bloody series already!

Anyhoo, Leterrier is probably not quite right for a movie as potentially big and encompassing as “Avengers” just yet. I say give him “Thor” and maybe even the “Captain America” movie to allow him to work on his “drama” side a bit. Right now, Leterrier is all about the action. Too much, sometimes.

Favreau, on the other hand, started his film career doing drama before moving to action, and is perfect to helm “The Avengers”. Also, his enthusiasm for the project would be a big plus. If Marvel doesn’t give him the job, they’re making a big mistake in my opinion.

I say this especially in light of all the recent rumors that Favreau and Marvel are at odds over everything from Favreau’s paycheck to the announced 2010 release date for “Iron Man 2”. Marvel better get their act together. One hit movie does not a movie studio make, buckos. Depending on how “Hulk” does, and I’m not entirely sure it’ll be as gangbuster as everyone things, Marvel could be heading into 2009 not nearly as successful as they expected. Don’t shoot yourselves in the foot, Marvel, pay Favreau what he deserves, and get “Iron Man 2” into production ASAP.

Louis Leterrier Directing Hulk