Lethal Weapon’s Shane Black Up for Iron Man 3

With Jon Favreau off to the Magic Kingdom to do his fantasy Disney film or something, the biggest gig in Hollywood for a director nowadays has to be helming Marvel’s “Iron Man 3”. The first name to come up as talking to the studio about possibly writing and directing the film is none other than Shane Black, the writer behind the “Lethal Weapon” films, “The Long Kiss Goodnight”, and my personal favorite, the underrated “The Last Boy Scout”.

Mind you, Black is only talking to the studio about possibly landing the gig, and I suspect that in the coming weeks Marvel will be talking with even more possible directors. The only sure thing about “Iron Man 3” right now is that Jon Favreau is not directing, and Robert Downey Jr. will be back as Iron Man/Tony Stark. I reckon Downey is one person the notoriously penny-pinching Marvel won’t be stingy with.

Shane Black is apparently on something of a superhero kick. Besides looking for the “Iron Man 3” gig, he’s been developing a “Doc Savage” movie for a few years now.

Here’s a scene from Black’s “The Last Boy Scout”: