Lexi Alexander Answers Punisher War Zone Questions

For some incomprehensible reason, the dishy Miss Lexi Alexander decided to take time off shooting “Punisher: War Zone” to answer fan questions on the SuperheroHype message board. Fanboy questions are always a little creepy (consider the utterly insane first couple of posts in the message thread), but there are some good ones here. Some of the more notable questions/answers are below…


Will you use the Central Park massacre that was so integral to the real Frank Castle’s storyline?

It won’t begin with another origin as we’ve already seen several takes on it so far but the scene will be referenced during the course of the movie. Take a look at issue 1 of the MAX series for an idea of the direction being taken.

You mentioned you loved Marines, will Frank be a Marine this time or (PLEASE NO!) an ex Army Ranger/FBI-agent?

His character is an ex-U.S. Marine and veteran of the first Gulf War. I am a big fan of the Vietnam background of the character and particularly his portrayal in the Born storyline but unfortunately there is no practical way to incorporate this into his background for War Zone. There would need to be quite a big shift in time lines and artistic license is something you can’t really have when dealing with factual events, particularly something as significant as the Vietnam war.

Post production already?

Filming wraps in Montreal next Friday.

When can we expect to see a trailer?

We are due to leave Montreal next week at which point we will begin to cut together the teaser trailer but we haven’t been advised as to when it will be shown to the public. That will be the studio’s call. If it were down to me I’d suggest it to be shown around February/March but as I said it’s down to the studio. They may want it out earlier though.

Is this like the Punisher version of Batman Begins, sort of a reboot?

Yes, it is very much apart from what has come before.

We’ve heard Tom Jane’s reasoning for not doing the movie, but was there strife between you and Tom? As soon as he left the project they name you director.

I had absolutely no problem with Tom Jane but as soon as we had decided to shoot the film as a complete reboot we felt it was only right that the film was cast from scratch. I won’t say that our casting decisions are better or worse than the previous films, all I will say is they are different. A different cast for a different vision.

How big of a role will Microchip have and will he be called Micro?

He’ll have a fairly important role. He’s Frank’s access to weapons after all and yes he’s called Microchip.

Alexander may or may not be back to answer more questions in the thread, so I suggest bookmarking it for future references in case she does.

Update 12/16/07: According to CHUD, Lionsgate has informed SuperheroHype that the “Lexi Alexander” who has been answering questions on their board (above) was a fake. To reinforce that news, the thread itself has disappeared from SHH!’s board. I did kind of think those answers by “Lexi Alexander” were kind of devoid of personality…

Lexi Alexander Answers War Zone Questions