Lexi Alexander Now Go-to Director for Bad Ass Killing Machine Movies?

Oh sure, so while making “Punisher: War Zone” poor Lexi Alexander had to survive her own little war zone, but that won’t stop her from diving back into the war zone pool once more if given the chance, this time directing bad ass killing machine Jonah Hex for Warner Bros, a job that she’s been offered, though Alexander is quick to add she’s only one of many directors being eyed for the gig. Right now she’s currently reading the script by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who were attached to the movie for the longest time, but have since left the project due to “creative differences” that may or may not be associated with would-be star Josh Brolin publicly shitting all over their script. Ouch. Anyways, read on for the latest in the “Jonah Hex” saga, the behind-the-scenes stuff of which is quickly shaping up to be uglier than the lead character’s face.

Says IGN:

Director Lexi Alexander revealed today while doing press for her new film Punisher: War Zone that she’s now being offered several different comic book films as her next project, specifically naming Warner Bros.’ Jonah Hex as one of them.

Later, during our exclusive one-on-one with her, Alexander went into further detail about Jonah Hex. By her own admission, she is only one of several filmmakers under consideration to helm the DC Comics adaptation now that Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have parted ways with the project.

She also mentions that one of the draws for her is working with the suddenly white hot Josh Brolin (“No Country for Old Men”). She might want to rethink that, as ol Mister Brolin seems to be getting a mighty big head lately, and she may be putting herself into a similar situation that she got into on “War Zone”. But hey, Lexi Alexander is a world class martial artist; she can probably kick Brolin’s ass if required. Barbra Streisand’s son-in-law ain’t got shit on Lexi.

Below: Lexi Alexander, quietly meditating on the perfect combination of punches and kicks to deal with a troublesome leading man…