Li Bingbing is Resident Evil 5’s Ada Wong

Bingbing LiChinese movie fan need no introduction to the lovely Li Bingbing, but for you Westerners without a taste for Asian movies, then you might remember Li from her biggest Western film to date, the Jet Li-Jackie Chan martial arts flick “The Forbidden Kingdom”. She played the female villain with the wild white hair in that one.

And now it looks like Li Bingbing will be adding to her Hollywood resume, as Milla Jovovich has revealed on Twitter that Li has landed the role of Ada Wong in the upcoming “Resident Evil: Retribution”, the fifth in the never-say-die zombie fighting franchise.

The Wong character has appeared in three entries in the “Resident Evil” games so far, and is a seductive (well, she does run around in that cocktail dress (below) for much of the game, after all) secret agent for a mysterious group known only as The Organization. Like most RE game characters, her background is a tad convoluted, but suffice to say, she should have plenty of opportunity to look good while shooting zombies in the upcoming movie.

“Resident Evil: Retribution” returns Jovovich as franchise star Alice, the zombie fighter who has been in all the movies, and who now takes her battle to the Umbrella Corporation. Also returning is Sienna Guillory as ex-cop turned fellow zombie battler Jill Valentine, along with new faces Johann Urb as Leon S. Kennedy and Kevin Durand as Barry Burton.

Ada Wong in Resident Evil Game

Via : Twitter