Liam Hemsworth Will Flee The Raven

Liam Hemsworth

Originally rumored to be a starring vehicle for Mark Wahlberg way back in 2010, it looks like Marky Mark has flown the coop and Liam Hemsworth will instead star in a big-screen version of “The Raven”, based on the 2010 short film by Ricardo de Montreuil that got Hollywood all afluttered.

Hemsworth is said to be “close” to signing on to lead the film, which would find a young man fleeing futuristic police drones in the future. That’s about it in terms of storyline. Well, for the short film, anyway. The whole thing was just supposed to show off what de Montreuil could do, after all.

It worked.

The big-screen adaptation of the short film will feature a script by Michael Gilio and Justin Marks, with de Montreuil set to make his feature film directorial debut for Universal Pictures.

Hemsworth, of course, is the third piece of the love triangle in “The Hunger Games” franchise, though you kids might also know him as the guy dating that Hannah Montana girl or as the little brother of Thor.

Here’s what all the fuss is about:

Via : Deadline