Liam Hemsworth Will Surf, Fly Jets, and Save America in Aurora Rising

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire At The 2013 Cannes Film Festival At The Majestic Barriere

Thor’s little brother Liam Hemsworth, who can currently be seen in the “Hunger Games” franchise as the third wheel in the Katniss-Peeta adventures, will next be stepping out of the shadows to front his own movie as the star of Relativity’s “Aurora Rising”, based on a script by Christian Gudegast.

The Aussie actor will play “a Southern California surfer turned military fighter pilot who, after acing a complicated and messy first combat mission, gets recruited to be part of an elite team to test the next generation of aircraft. This happens just as an international conflict begins to escalate.”

Sounds a bit like “Top Gun”. With surfboards.

If Hemsworth is ever going to match (or even surpass) big brother in the Hollywood movie star game, this might be his big chance. Of course, no one’s going to flock to see this thing for “that other Hemsworth”. The material has to be aces. Like “Top Gun” aces. We shall see.

“Aurora Rising” doesn’t currently have a director yet.

Via : Deadline