Liam Neeson Gets Taken Again … This Time for $20 Million

Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen in Taken 2 (2012) Movie Image

You would think bad guys would have learned by now to stop taking Liam Neeson’s loved ones, but nope, they just don’t listen. I guess being bad guys mean they have thick heads and don’t listen so good.

After the first sequel easily bested the first movie in global box office (to the tune of $150 million more, if you can believe it), there was never really any doubt Luc Besson, the current king of action movie franchises, would jump at the chance to get a third one out there come hell or high water. It looks like he’ll get that chance with “Taken 3” — but it’s gonna cost him $20 million just to get Neeson again.

Yup, that’s right. Neeson, at the sprite young age of 61, has just landed his biggest pay day to date — a smooth $20 million to reprise Bryan Mills, the ex-CIA operative with the deadly set of skills he will once again have to rely on when bad guys try to take what is his. Stupid bad guys.

No word on a plot or storyline, but Besson and his go-to American partner Robert Mark Kamen have apparently already cooked up a script for the third movie, and now all they have to do is get Famke Janssen (as Mills’ ex-wife) and Maggie Grace (as the daughter) back for another go ’round. I don’t expect that’ll be too hard. They’ll probably get pay raises, too, but I doubt if it’ll be anything in the vicinity of Neeson’s.

If all goes well and everyone signs on, the film is expected to start shooting as early as next year. Either Olivier Megaton, who directed “Taken 2” will do the honors again, or another one of Besson’s proteges. Not that it matters, really. This franchise lives and dies by Neeson’s participation, and it always will.

Via : Deadline