Liam Neeson Making his Last Stand with Kim Ji-Woon’s Hollywood Debut

In an article about the currently very busy career of Liam Neeson, Variety added this little tidbit: Neeson will be starring in South Korean director Kim Ji-Woon’s Hollywood debut, “Last Stand”.

We last reported on the film about two months ago:

“Last Stand” is written by Andrew Knauer, and “features a Gumpert Apollo, a 200 mph race car (below) used by drug smugglers, and it centers on a cartel leader that uses it to break out of a courthouse. As he speeds to the Mexican border, the only thing standing in his way is a border-town sheriff and his inexperienced staff.”

Neeson would play the Sheriff. The film is being described as a contemporary Western, ala a lone Sheriff taking a stand against formidable odds. Think Cary Cooper in “High Noon”, except with a really fast car instead of guys on horses.