Liam Neeson Promises Kick Ass Clash of the Titans Sequel

Well it can’t exactly get any worst, can it? I’m just saying. The first one was passable entertainment, but it could have been so, so much better. Still, it had giant scorpions! That’s kinda cool. Anyways, according to Liam Neeson, who played the God Zeus, the sequel to the “Clash of the Titans” reboot (tentatively being referred to as “Wrath of the Titans”) will feature some “kick-ass stuff and a very human story to it.” Apparently these two things were missing from the original?

He goes on to tell the Belfast Telegraph:

I’ve only read half of the script and there is still some work being done – they’re on script 10.

Script 10? As in, the 10th draft? I wonder how many drafts the first one went through…

Jonathan Liebesman, currently getting ready to invade America with “Battle: Los Angeles”, will take over directing duties from Louis Leterrier. Chances are, “Wrath” will be shot in 3D, given how much 3D made for the first movie, shitty post-conversion notwithstanding.

Production is set for sometime next year for a possible 2012 release. That is, if star Sam Worthington manages to survive his other bazillion movies first.