Liam Neeson Sank My Battleship

Peter Berg’s big-budget sci-fi action film has gradually been adding star power in recent days, and now it looks like they have their biggest and brightest star, Liam Neeson. He will play Admiral Shane, a big-time Naval officer, who’s daughter, model Brooklyn Decker, is engaged to the hero, Taylor Kitsch as a young officer. Alexander Skarsgaard plays Kitsch’s older brother, and singer Rihanna is apparently going to play a weapons expert. That last one is an interesting decision.

According to Empire,

“Battleship” finds a human fleet facing off against invading, aquatic aliens who have decided that Earth’s oceans have something they need. It’ll mean a tough test for Kitsch’s cocky young commander. But if we’re honest, we’d be more worried about upsetting Liam Neeson’s daughter in any way. After all, we’ve seen Taken.

“Battleship” began shooting yesterday in Hawaii. I’m sure that’s rough. It’s still a little difficult to believe that they’re actually making a movie based on the board game, but it does seem to be happening, doesn’t it?