Liam Neeson Takes Over Mel Gibson’s Hangover 2 Cameo

Let’s hope Liam Neeson hasn’t done or said anything that has pissed off Zach Galifianakis in the past, present, or future, cause oh boy, ol Zachy’s got plenty of power nowadays, and he ain’t afraid to wield’em.

After news broke yesterday that Gibson had been slashed from “The Hangover 2”, a sure hit if there was ever any, it didn’t take Warner Bros. and director Todd Phillips very long to find his replacement: Liam Neeson.

According to Neeson, he got a call to do the one-day cameo, and readily accepted since he was already a fan of the first movie.

As you’ll recall, Gibson was set to make his much-ballyhooed comeback/cameo appearance in Phillips’ “The Hangover 2” until members of the cast and crew *cough*Zach Galifianakis*cough* expressed their displeasure with the hire.

“The Hangover 2” will take the boys to Bangkok, Thailand, where they’ll encounter Neeson’s tattoo artist. I have yet to see Neeson play “wacky”, so I have no idea if he’ll be good in the role. The loose cannon Gibson, on the other hand, would have been friggin’ brilliant.

'I approve of this casting. Now bring me my wine, swines!'