Liam Neeson Takes Over Mel Gibson’s Hangover 2 Cameo


Let’s hope Liam Neeson hasn’t done or said anything that has pissed off Zach Galifianakis in the past, present, or future, cause oh boy, ol Zachy’s got plenty of power nowadays, and he ain’t afraid to wield’em.

After news broke yesterday that Gibson had been slashed from “The Hangover 2″, a sure hit if there was ever any, it didn’t take Warner Bros. and director Todd Phillips very long to find his replacement: Liam Neeson.

According to Neeson, he got a call to do the one-day cameo, and readily accepted since he was already a fan of the first movie.

As you’ll recall, Gibson was set to make his much-ballyhooed comeback/cameo appearance in Phillips’ “The Hangover 2″ until members of the cast and crew *cough*Zach Galifianakis*cough* expressed their displeasure with the hire.

“The Hangover 2″ will take the boys to Bangkok, Thailand, where they’ll encounter Neeson’s tattoo artist. I have yet to see Neeson play “wacky”, so I have no idea if he’ll be good in the role. The loose cannon Gibson, on the other hand, would have been friggin’ brilliant.

'I approve of this casting. Now bring me my wine, swines!'

Author: Nix

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  • Trace

    I already had a good reason NOT to watch this college/toilet humor movie, just for the fact the first was only mildly funny.. And I dont even see how they can spin a sequel out of this “story line”. But Mel Gibson MADE me WANT to see this (I was actually looking forward to it.) NOW this has just solidified the FACT I would NVR pay to see a film with ANY of the hypocrits involved with boycotting a “scorned” man caught (illegally) by that wicked witch, who HERSELF is under a suspicious veil now too. (more so than Mel EVER was/is) I cringe at the thought of EVER going through what she has put him (as well as the rest of his family) though publicly!
    That whole rape (CONVICTION) “Actual SPOUSAL abuse”, un-necessary violence IN the ring even (Ear-Chomping) even ADMITTED DRUG (not just alcohol) use, amongst the LONG list of other flaws associated with Tyson.
    Mel has only been in trouble for DUI, and the B.S. with the gypsy Octosana. GOOD Job Hangover 2 cast.. YOU specifically Zach Galawhatever (we wont even remember you in a year) have Guarenteed YOUR crap-tastic sequel’ will absolutely be avoided by So many ppl now, you don’t even know how dumb or hypocritical your little “if he’s IN I’m out” stunt has affected a flick that hasnt even been made yet. IF my eyes EVER see more than a trailer of that movie it will be because I AM BOOT-Legging it for FREE! (as I did the FIRST one!) Dammed if it will get a single rating or DOLLAR from ME. (fyi, sequels (ALOMOST) always SUCK B*alls anyways!)
    IMO Mel should RE-Release “Passion of the Christ” at the theaters the SAME day this POS movie comes out.. THEN you will see the error of your ways! I’d PAY to go see that again thrice before I would watch your movie even ONCE for FREE!
    *Golf-Clap* to YOU ALL
    OH and BTW Zack Galawhatever, Robert Downey Jr. (who you did your newer movie with, “Due Date” would ONLY be doing movies TODAY because MEL F’N GIBSON Gave him a SECOND chance! NOT ONE production company would pay the insurance for R. Downey Jr. (due to his PAST behavior) so Mel Gibson PAID for it HIMSELF
    *,_Jr. * Mel was the one who PUT him back in a position to finally get OUT of the gutter! DO your Re-search before you go all “girly-drama-pants” you Un-Funny, Un-Original HACK! THIS could happen to ANY one of you men in Hollywood. (and in your case Zack, I hope you find out first hand how EASILY ONE person could ruin you under certain circ.umstances.
    Mel screwed up, by meeting and trusting a Grifting Movie Star F’er. He was lonely, and weak after being seperated from his WIFE of 28 years. He made an error in judgement, (getting with Octosana) BUT unlike SO many other men he TRIED to be a stand-up guy and do right by his CHILD! (would Zack G. be such a good man to take care of a woman who screwed him over AND TWO kids, ONE who isn’t even HIS..? I doubt he would!) ZACK G. Walk 10 ft in MEL’s shoes, o wait.. HIS shoes would BE TOO big for your LITTLE self to EVER fill! Get a CLUE, then open your mouth. Cuz i’m Sooo sure you have never said or done ANYTHING you would want to take back, or keep private!
    MEL make YOUR own movies again, YOU don’t need Hollywood to do your work! YOU still have so many people who love and support YOUR work!
    I’m sorry you had a lapse of judgemnet and had all this happen to you. But “THINGS WILL get BETTER!” Give us (those who REALLY see WHAT has happened to you) a chance to show YOU and HOLLYWOOD how willing WE are to support you.

  • Sam

    The Hangover 2……will crash and burn without Mel……he is the man for this role I’m inclined to think…think twice before you act…

    • panda33

      maybe mel should have thought before he acted, he’s a moron